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40 Developmental Assets®

The Search Institute has identified 40 Developmental Assets® for Adolescents (ages 12-18). These are building blocks of healthy development. Acquiring Developmental Assets help young people grow up to be healthy, caring, and responsible citizens. Developmental Assets help students succeed in life.

Check the following statements to see how you are developing as an effective, responsible, and caring individual. Please check the box by all those that you believe apply to you and/or you have acquired.

External Assets

Your family life offers high levels of love and support

You and your parents talk to each other and you feel comfortable seeking advice from your parents when needed.

You receive some support from 3 or more non-parent adults you know.

Your neighborhood cares about its young people.

Your school provides a caring and encouraging environment.

Your parents are, to a degree, involved in your school and support your success.

Adults in this community let you & others know they are appreciated and valued.

You have useful roles in your community

You serve in the community in some way one or more hours a week.

You feel safe at home, at school and in your neighborhood.

Your family sets clear rules & consequences and knows your whereabouts.

Your school provides clear rules and consequences.

Neighbors take responsibility for monitoring young people’s behavior.

Your parents and other adults model positive behaviors.

The friends you choose model responsible behavior.

Parents and teachers encourage you to do well in school and life.

You spend 3 or more hours a week in music, theater or any other “arty” activity.

You spend 3 or more hours a week in sports, clubs, or other community activity.

You are involved in religious activities for 1 or more hours a week.

You are home or doing things at least 5 nights a week.

Internal Assets

You are motivated to do well in school.

You are actively engaged in learning.

You do at least one hour of homework every school day.

You care about your school.

You read for pleasure three or more hours per week.

You place high value on helping other people.

You place high value on promoting equality and reducing hunger and poverty.

You act on convictions and stand up for your beliefs.

You tell the truth even when it is not easy.

You accept and take personal responsibility.

You believe it is important not to be sexually active or use alcohol or drugs.

You know how to plan ahead and make choices.

You have empathy, sensitivity, and friendship skills.

You have knowledge of and comfort with people of different cultural/racial/ethnic backgrounds.

You can resist negative peer pressure and dangerous situations.

You seek to resolve conflict nonviolently.

You feel you have control over “things that happen to me.”

You feel you have high self-esteem.

You feel that “my life has purpose.”

You are optimistic about your personal future.