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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this information important for teens?

Many teens do not participate in school extracurricular activities nor their community in any meaningful way. Their "hang out" places, choices and use of their time are not always the most constructive nor beneficial. How to expand those students' sense of belonging and participation has always been a challenge for teachers, community leaders and parents. Teens can learn and benefit from resources and information that are a "mouse click" away.

Why choose a web based venue?

We believe most students are more familiar with a computer and how to find a web site than many adults. They seem better equipped to seek information from a web based venue than, for instance, to call or visit a library seeking information. With this familiarity it seemed most appropriate for the future to use a web based venue.

Why not just search for information from original sources?

Searching and shopping around can be very time consuming. Specific local information can be hard to find, remember or locate. Many local resources exist but can not be found on the web, in the phone book or are unknown to the teen. The way sites are organized can lead to some of the most desirable but not frequently used sites being found well past the first page of a search. This site provides a "one stop shop" for the web sites that answer the questions or give them the information they need.